The restoration of abandoned mines has achieved remarkable results in Jiangxi province.
  • Apr 07 , 2023


According to information from Jiangxi Provincial Department of Natural Resources, the ecological restoration of mines in Jiangxi province has achieved remarkable results. By the end of 2022, Jiangxi Province has completed the ecological restoration of 7,023 abandoned mines, with a restoration area of 355,800 mu, about 68% of the total mines.

To repair the "scars", Jiangxi Province implemented a multi-step plan: 1, it took nearly a year to conduct a comprehensive inspection and found 10,253 abandoned mines left over from history, with an area of about 524,300 mu of destroyed land; 2, Jiangxi government issued the first provincial-level ecological restoration of mines: "Regulations on the Restoration and Utilization of Mine Ecology in Jiangxi Province", which established a regulatory system in which the enterprise is responsible, the government coordinates, and the regulatory departments are responsible for their respective responsibilities, and clarifies the support policies for the participation of social capital and the promotion of the realization of the value of ecological products after restoration; 3, Jiangxi is the first in the country that introduced the provincial "14th Five-Year Plan" national land space ecological restoration plan, focusing on major ecological problems such as mines, and deployed 18 sub-projects of 5 major projects; 4, Jiangxi guided localities to formulate ecological restoration plans for abandoned mines, and supervised the completion of key restoration tasks in different stages and based on different types.

Jiangxi Province actively strives for central financial support, encourages and guides social capital to participate in ecological restoration, and strives to broaden the investment channels for restoration funds. For example, the pilot project of ecological protection and restoration of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasslands in Ganzhou received 2 billion yuan in central financial support; from 2019 to 2022, the provincial finance implemented the "reward instead of subsidy" funds for the environmental management of abandoned mines. From 2022, the provincial government arranges 50 million yuan of natural resources protection and utilization funds for ecological restoration every year; financial institutions in the province have provided a total of 4.075 billion yuan of credit for mine ecological restoration financial funds, and issued loans of 2.855 billion yuan. 407 mines have been repaired; 12 ecological restoration pilot counties (cities, districts) have been approved in the province, and 9 have identified market-oriented investment entities and signed agreements. The estimated investment is 2.61 billion yuan, and the restoration area is 40,500 mu.

Focusing on strictly controlling the increase in abandoned mines and reducing the stock, Jiangxi Province has issued a special action plan for mine ecological protection and restoration that will last until the end of 2025, and solidly promotes the rectification of ecological problems of mines. The Jiangxi Provincial Department of Natural Resources and other six departments launched a one-year special campaign to investigate and rectify the ecological environment of mines, and make every effort to solve major problems of the ecological environment of mines.


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