The 8th China International Aggregates Conference is to be held in Shanghai China from 5-7 December, 2023
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  • Oct 31 , 2023




At present, the world is undergoing profound changes with increasing downward pressure on the world economy. The development situation of the aggregates and equipment industries in various countries has also undergone drastic changes. The aggregates and equipment industry is highly related to the macroeconomic prosperity, infrastructure construction and real estate investment, and the industry is highly cyclical. Future macroeconomic trends, national macroeconomic policies, industrial policies, etc. will have an important impact on housing construction, transportation, urban construction, investment in infrastructure projects such as water conservancy and hydropower, and the investment of quarry resources.

The developed countries have gone through decades of development in the aggregates and equipment industries, while the developing countries has gone through nearly ten years in the aggregates industry. With the economic downturn, the aggregates industry has entered the stock market stage where enterprises are faced with insufficient market demand, severe overcapacity, struggling for survival. The global aggregates and equipment industries have entered a period of deep adjustment when volume reduction and optimization, intensive, green, low-carbon and high-quality development become the main directions in the future, and the transformation to sustainable development is imminent.


In order to exchange the latest policies, new theories, new standards, new norms and new technologies, new methods, new processes and new models in the aggregates and equipment industries of various countries, explore the future development direction of stone mining, sand and gravel production and equipment manufacturing, learn about the infrastructure construction projects and real estate investments launched by various countries to promote economic recovery, projects along the "Belt and Road", grasp the market supply and demand situation and development trend of the aggregates and equipment industry, and explore the development trend of the aggregates and equipment industry, promote cooperation and common development of the aggregates industries, promote the green, low-carbon, sustainable and high-quality development of the global aggregates and equipment industry, China Aggregates Association will hold the 8TH CHINA INTERNATIONAL AGGREGATES CONFERENCE in Shanghai, China from 5th to 7th December, 2023.


The 8th meeting of the 7th China Aggregates Association, the 16th meeting of the 7th China Aggregates Association Standing Council, the China International Aggregate Technology and Equipment Exhibition, the 10th National Aggregates Industry Calligraphy, Painting and Photography Exhibition “Sanme Cup”, Photography exhibition of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the China Sand and Gravel Association, the 6th China International Construction Solid Waste Resource Utilization Conference, the review of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the China Aggregates Association and the annual meeting of the China Aggregates Association, the semi-finals of the 7th National Aggregates products Competition , as well as industry-related commendation activities.

Language: Simultaneous interpretation in Chinese and English is provided for the conference.


Theme of the conference:

Responding to changes, developing rationally, serving construction to maintain sustainable development


Host and sponsorship

Host: China Aggregates Association
Platinum Sponsor: Shibang Industry & Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Gold Sponsors: Jiangsu Shanbao Group Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Sanme MINING Machinery Corp., ltd.
Fujian South Highway Machinery Co., Ltd. (NFLG)
Chengdu Dahongli Machinery Co., Ltd.
Guangdong LEIMENG Intelligent Equipment Group

Conference Time & Location

Time: December 5-7, 2023
Registration date: December 5, 2023
Location: Primus Hotel Shanghai Sanjiagang
Address: Lane 6666, Huaxia East Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
December 8: Company visit


1. Leaders of relevant national ministries and commissions; leaders and relevant personnel of relevant provincial and municipal government departments; heads of local sand and gravel aggregates associations;
2. Consultant, member, expert committee member of China Aggregates Association, expert in green mining expert database of the aggregates industry, experts and scholars in aggregates industry;
3. Representatives of global aggregates associations and enterprises
4. Representatives from enterprises such as sand and gravel production and equipment manufacturing, solid waste resource utilization, ecological restoration of abandoned mines, ecological and environmentally friendly permeable products, sponge city construction, and large-scale key project construction;
5. Experts and scholars from sand and gravel production and equipment-related research and design institutes, colleges and universities, quality inspection and testing institutions and other units, experts in forestry, agriculture, environmental protection, planning, standards, exploration, exploration and other fields;
6. People from upstream and downstream industry chains of sand and gravel aggregates such as mining, concrete, dry-mix mortar and wet-mix mortar production, and infrastructure construction;
7. Relevant industry personnel from large sand and gravel investment groups and industrial consulting and research companies.

Collection of conference presentations and papers

1. The conference presentation PowerPoint slides format is 16:9 and the name, unit, resume and abstract of the speaker should be submitted.
2. The Secretariat of CAA will edit and publish the "Proceedings of the 8th China International Aggregate Conference" before the conference. Please use the unified template provided by the Secretariat. Please indicate: author, organization, abstract, keywords and contact information.
3. The deadline for conference presentation and paper collection is November 25, 2023. For specific content and requirements, please see the “Notice on the Collection of Presentation and Papers for the 8th China International Aggregates Conference".

Technology and equipment exhibition

Exhibition area is set up for the display of technology and equipment in the sand and gravel aggregate industry at the venue.

Please note

To ensure that all representatives can successfully participate in the meeting, please note that:
1. There is no unified accommodation arrangement for this conference. The conference hotel has a variety of room types. We recommend delegates to book rooms in advance.
4. If you are interested in supporting the conference, please contact the CAA Secretariat.

Conference registration fees

1. Conference registration fees include ticket, meals (lunch and dinner), conference materials fees. 2,000 CNY/person for member units and 2,500 CNY/person for non-member units. Accommodation and transportation expenses are at your own expense.
2. Remittance account information
Account name: China Aggregates Association
Bank Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Baiwanzhuang Branch
Account number: 0200001409014491044

Registration Contact

Xu Beibei
International Cooperation Department of CAA
Tel: 0086-18511023911; 0086-10-57811449



Hotel booking information:

Reservation department phone number: 021-38918816
Hotel switchboard: 021-38918888
Reservation email:

Hotel address:
Primus Hotel Shanghai Sanjiagang
上海市浦东新区华夏东路 6666 弄3 号,201201
No. 3 Lane 6666, East Huaxia Road, Pudong, Shanghai, 201201
Standard room/ double room fee: 600 CNY/night, breakfast included
Ocean view suite fee: 1280 CNY/night, breakfast included

The QUBE Hotel Shanghai Sanjiagang
上海市浦乐新区华夏东路 6666 弄6号,201201
No. 6 Lane 6666, East Huaxia Road, Pudong, Shanghai, 201201
Standard room/ double room fee: 450 CNY/night, breakfast included
Suite fee: 650 CNY/night, breakfast included

Q-Box Hotel Shanghai Sanjiagang
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No. 25 Lane 6666, East Huaxia Road, Pudong, Shanghai, 201201
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Suite fee: 550 CNY/night, breakfast included

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