The 7th China International Aggregates Conference was held from December 13-14, 2020 in Wuhan, China
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  • Nov 24 , 2021

From December 13th to 14th, 2020, the 7th China International Aggregates Conference with the theme of “Seek Development and Build the Future Together” was successfully held in Wuhan, Hubei. The conference was attended by leaders, domestic and foreign guests. All the agendas were completed with the joint efforts of the participants. Leaders from China’s national ministries and commissions, relevant provincial and municipal government departments, relevant leaders of China’s industrial development research institutions, domestic and foreign experts, scholars, and representatives of enterprises in the aggregate industry attended the meeting. The European Union, Australia, Canada, South Africa, India, Argentina, Representatives of related associations and enterprises from Colombia, South Korea and ASEAN countries participated online through the dedicated network of the conference. A total of about 1,400 people attended the conference, and more than 1,800 people watched live online.

Openning address

A leader from the Ministry of Natural Resources, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chief Professor of Wuhan University of Technology Jiang Desheng, GAIN convenor and honorary President of the European Aggregates Association Jim O'Brien, president of the China Mining Federation Peng Qiming, Executive Director of the China-ASEAN Business Council Xu Ningning, Hubei Chudao Liu Bo, Chairman of Rock Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd., Sun Zhongyan, Chairman of Zaozhuang Xinjinshan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Li Shunshan, Chairman of Nanchang Mineral System Co., Ltd., and Park Demoon, president of Aggregates Association for Korea, addressed for the opening ceremony.

The leader of the Ministry of Natural Resources pointed out in his speeches that at present, the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party is thoroughly implemented throughout the country. The year 2020 is a juncture where China will wrap up the plan for the 2016-2020 period and prepare for its next master plan, and on the occasion of the dual-circulation development pattern, in which domestic and foreign markets can complement each other, the 7th China International Aggregates Conference, with the theme of “Seek common development, build the future together” aiming to promote the high-quality development of the global aggregates industry and promoting exchanges and cooperation in the aggregates industry of various countries, is held at the right time. He also put forward three expectations: the first is to deepen the reforms to streamline administration, delegate powers, and improve regulation and services, to create a good business environment for aggregates enterprises; the second is to accelerate the promotion and application of new technologies/new equipment/new standards in the aggregates industry to promote high-quality development, the third is to adhere to green development and vigorously develop green mining.

Jiang Desheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chief professor of Wuhan University of Technology, praised that the theme of this conference “Seek Common Development and Build the Future Together” is really good. Aggregate is the largest, irreplaceable and indispensable material for infrastructure construction such as buildings, roads, bridges, water conservancy, and hydropower. We human consumes tens of billions tons of aggregates every year. After years of rapid development, China’s building materials industry has become the global leader. It is hoped that China’s aggregates industry will continue to play a leading role, and make unremitting efforts to implement the new goal of building materials industry development of “good for industry and for mankind”.

Jim O’Brien of GAIN convenor pointed out that in 2020, the global aggregate industry will rebound. From March to April 2020, the global aggregate industry experienced negative growth, but then stabilized and rebounded strongly. It is now estimated that the global output in 2020 is very likely to return to the level of more than 90% in 2019. The results are gratifying, which is inseparable from everyone's efforts. It is also impressive that most regions are expected to recover in 2021, so the output of aggregates in 2021 is expected to return to the output level in 2019.

Peng Qiming, President of the China Mining Federation, pointed out that mining is a basic industry for economic development. Under the current dual-circulation development background, the basic role of mining is becoming more and more prominent. As the most basic building material, the importance and irreplaceability of aggregates become more prominent. The use of aggregates resources by mankind is accompanied by the entire process of human social development. Not only has this contribution and effect not been weakened or diminished with the development of human civilization, but it has become more prominent in economic and social development. The rational use of sand and gravel resources and the improvement of the high-quality development of the industry are related to the overall economic and social development, and are the obligatory responsibilities of China’s mining industry, especially the aggregates industry. Regarding the future of the mining industry, Chairman Peng shared three opinions: first, strengthen confidence and contribute to the construction of a green industrial chain and supply chain; second, innovate and develop, rebuild the image of the industry, and ensure safety, environmental protection, and harmonious innovation. It is a disruptive change; third, fine management, quality and efficiency improvement, resource utilization efficiency, added value, technological innovation, and cost reduction.

In his speech, Xu Ningning, executive president of the China-ASEAN Business Council, introduced the work of the China-ASEAN Business Council in promoting economic development and cultural exchanges between China and ASEAN countries. It focuses on the recent work related to the signing of the agreement by 15 member countries of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and the impact of the signing of the agreement on the future development of China’s economy.

As the co-organizer of the conference, Liu Bo, chairman of Hubei Chudao Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd., said in his speech that everyone is sincerely welcome to Wuhan to participate in the conference, and he wish everyone a good time in Wuhan!

Sun Zhongyan, chairman of Zaozhuang Xinjinshan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., pointed out in his speech that, in the face of the new situation in the domestic aggregates industry, we must fully affirm the achievements of the current aggregates colleagues, and also have a deep understanding of the current difficulties and problems, especially the disorderly competition, unreasonable industrial structure, serious environmental pollution, and low level of green development. The development of the aggregate industry requires everyone to take the initiative and work together. Let us actively respond to the call of the state and the association for the high-quality development of the aggregates industry and comprehensively promote the construction of green mines, and realize the modernization, intensification, large scale, standardization and ecologicalization of the industry.

Li Shunshan, chairman of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd., pointed out in his speech that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. In the long river of time, 50 years is only a moment, but for an enterprise, it is still vigorous for 50 years, which is very rare and worthwhile. Luckily. Here, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to our customers, partners, and leaders, experts and friends of scientific research institutes who have helped us.

CAA president speech

Hu Youyi, President of China Aggregates Association, gave a keynote speech entitled "Aggregates Industry Enters a New Track for High-quality Development”.
1. Documents issued by Chinese national and local governments
Mr. Hu will introduce the latest documents and policies issued by the relevant state ministries and departments in the aggregates industry in recent years. Measures taken by local governments on the aggregates industry will also be introduced. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy and Orderly Development of the aggregates Industry" jointly issued by 15 departments have included aggregates into the scope of national industrial development. It will play a huge role in promoting the high-quality, healthy and orderly development of the aggregates industry, and China's aggregates and equipment industry has thus entered a new round of rapid development.

2. Future economic development trends
The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 has caused huge fluctuations in the global market, and the economies of all countries have rapidly declined, which is the worst economic recession since World War II.

On September 13, 2020, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released the “World Economic Outlook Speech”, which predicts that the global economy will shrink by 4.4% in 2020; the advanced economies will shrink by 5.8%, and the economies of emerging markets and developing economies will shrink by 3.3%; China's economy will grow by 1.9%, and it is the only major economy in the world to achieve positive growth.

In response to the pandemic, Chinese central government has formulated goals to ensure stability on six fronts and maintain security in six areas to coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development (The six fronts refer to employment, the financial sector, foreign trade, foreign investment, domestic investment, and expectations. The six areas refer to job security, basic living needs, operations of market entities, food and energy security, stable industrial and supply chains, and the normal functioning of primary-level governments). Xi Jinping pointed out that facing the future, it is necessary to accelerate the formation of a new development pattern in which the domestic circulation is the main body with the mutual promotion of domestic and international dual circulation.

With the domestic circulation as the main body, it is necessary to open up all aspects of domestic production, distribution, circulation, and consumption, and accelerate the speed and efficiency of economic domestic circulation. “New infrastructure” is the most effective way to deal with the epidemic and economic downturn. The construction of facilities is of great significance to the internal circulation. In the short term, it will help expand domestic demand and to ensure stability and maintain security. In the long term, it will help expand effective supply and adjust structure, promote innovation, and create a new engine for China’s economy. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, China will optimize the layout of land and space, promote coordinated regional development and new urbanization, and vigorously promote the construction of new infrastructure, transportation, water conservancy and other major projects. It provides a new round of opportunities and broad development space for aggregates and equipment companies to expand the domestic market.

3. Market demand for aggregates
In the next few years, the construction of China’s large regional economic circle, including new urbanization, construction, roads, bridges, tunnels, and the transformation of old communities, will be an important part of the “domestic cycle”.

Mr. Hu will introduce integrated development plan of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei; the regional integrated development plan of the Yangtze River Delta; outline of the development plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which aims to strengthen infrastructure construction, smooth external communication channels, and improve internal connectivity; Chengdu-Chongqing two city Economic circle construction planning; and the construction of China's four major urban agglomerations.

4. Aggregates industry enters the track of high-quality development
The speech will introduce the global output of aggregates, the basic situation of China's aggregates industry and equipment enterprises, the number and distribution of national quarries, the construction and number of green mines.

The speech will talk about the national quarry resource planning, the 14th Five-Year Plan of the aggregates industry, the establishment of green aggregates production bases, the standard and specifications of aggregates, the evaluation of green factories in the aggregates industry, and the certification of green production and transportation, newly built aggregate scientific research institutions, assessment of scientific and technological achievements in the aggregates industry, science and technology awards in the aggregates industry, education and training, comprehensive treatment of river channel, comprehensive utilization of construction solid waste and tailings waste , progress in ecological restoration of abandoned mines.

5. Transformation and innovation
Innovation plays a pivotal role in an industry.
The speech introduces digital manufacturing, autonomous driving, aerodynamic vehicles, new mobile phone SIM cards, cloud mobile phones, wireless charging of streetlight pole phones, space Internet, 6G technology to be developed, mental typing, nano-robots, construction robots, smart high-speed rail, residential construction Innovative cases of building cranes, and high-quality sand and gravel aggregates in major projects such as bridges and nuclear power plants. In order to inspire colleagues in the aggregates and equipment industries, through all-round subversion and innovation of ideas, technology, and models, provide solid support for the green development and high-quality development of the aggregates industry.

6. Future development model of aggregates industry
The speech pointed out that the five major sources of aggregates in the future are: natural sand and gravel mining (including river channel dredging, etc.); construction solid waste recycling; road and other engineering construction cave residue recycling; tailings and waste rock resources recycling; primary Quarry. The manufactured aggregates produced by mining primary ore will be the main source of supply in the future.

The speech puts forward modes of natural sand and gravel mining (dredging of river and navigation channels), the comprehensive utilization of solid waste in construction, the comprehensive utilization of road and other construction cave residues; the comprehensive management and ecological restoration of abandoned mines; the mining of primary rock mode.

The future development model of the quarry/aggregates industry are:
Aggregates 1.0-Green and Environmental Aggregates Factory;
Aggregates 2.0-Extending the aggregate industrial chain;
Aggregates 3.0-Green Building Materials Industrial Park;
Aggregates 4.0-Eco-industrial park;
Aggregates 4.0+-The integrated development of the aggregates industry.

Aggregates 4.0 and 4.0+ are the products of the combination of the aggregates industry and the construction of ecological civilization. Its essence is to build an intelligent ecological industrial park with the combination of quarry mining + aggregates + grinding station + commercial concrete + component manufacturing + PC construction + comprehensive utilization of solid waste resources and products + sponge city permeable products + mine ecological restoration + photovoltaic power generation + soil improvement in the park + ecological agriculture + ecological forestry + tea industry + culture (quarry museum , etc.), + education + special tourism + leisure and vacation + medical care integration + cemetery + related social public utilities, etc. It is an innovative model of integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Through the construction of a life community of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses, the green mining and processing of quarries, the comprehensive utilization of construction solid waste, tailings, and waste rock resources are realized, and the best restoration of the ecological environment of quarries, solid waste landfills and abandoned mines is realized.

The speech specifically points out that the aggregates industry has unique advantages. Enterprises should take the road of cross-border integration and development, develop the quarry industry in depth, and implement the concept of “clear water and lush mountains are invaluable assets” by General Secretary Xi, and build a living community with harmony of human and nature. We have to protect the ecological environment, serve the country’s infrastructure construction, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of a beautiful motherland!

Invited speech

Jim O’Brien, the founder of Global Aggregate Information Network (GAIN), gave a special speech entitled “The Global Aggregates Information Network (GAIN™) – The Successes of 2020!” Lei Tao, Department of Science and Information Technology, National Railway Group Engineering Management Center, made a special invitation speech entitled “Application and Development of Manufactured Sand for Railway Engineering”. Jin Zhongwu, deputy director of the Yangtze River Research Institute of the Yangtze River Water Resources Commission, made a special speech entitled “Aggregates Resources Supply and Demand Dilemma and Countermeasures in the Development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt”. Liang Wenquan, professor of Wuhan University, gave a special speech titled “Seek Enterprise Development and Build the Future of the Industry-The Change, Reform and Improvement of Ready-Mixed Concrete Technology”.


Thematic forum on the high-quality development of global aggregates

Liu Bo from Hubei Chudao Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. gave a theme speech entitled “Under the Covid-19 Pandemic”. Hu Zhenlin from Zaozhuang Xinjinshan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. gave a theme speech entitled “Xinjinshan High-quality Aggregates Line EPCO System Solution”. Li Shunshan of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. gave a theme speech entitled “Analysis of Key Points for Competitiveness Building of Aggregates Production Enterprises”. Shen Weiguo of Wuhan University of Technology gave a theme speech entitled “A Brief Talk on Aggregates Technology and Equipment Technology from the Perspective of Concrete”. Thilo Juchem, President of the European Aggregates Association, made a theme speech entitled “Climate neutrality, biodiversity, green recovery and circular economy–threat or opportunity for the European Aggregates Industry?”. Hernán Soneyro, President of the Mining Business Chamber of Cordoba (Cemincor), gave a keynote speech titled “Argentina – its aggregates industry challenges and its post-pandemic scenario”. Brent Morrey, co-founding director of the Aggregate Producers Association of Canada (APAC), gave a speech entitled “Aggregates industry in Canada: Seek common development and build the future together”.

Professor Liu Juanhong of the University of Science and Technology Beijing gave a speech entitled “Innovative technology of manufactured aggregate and thinking about concrete”. Jiang Guiting, chairman of Jingjin Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., made a speech entitled “Fine Management Produces Benefits, Instant Innovation Wins the Market”. Zhang Jia of Shanghai SANME Mining Machinery Corp., Ltd. made a speech entitled “Shanghai SANME Co., Ltd. Environmental Sand Making Building Leads the New Direction of Manufactured Sand Production”. Gong Binbin from Jiangsu Shanbao Group Co., Ltd. gave a speech entitled “Discussion On Aggregates Technology from the Angle of Concrete”. Chen Dezhong from Shenyang Shunda Heavy Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. gave a speech entitled “Practice report on fine sand making and comprehensive utilization of iron ore”. Gan Zeqing from Chengdu Dahongli Machinery Co., Ltd. gave a speech entitled “Discussion on Process Design and Advantages of Cone Crusher in Limestone Crushing”. Shiyan City Changxin Ecological Restoration Co., Ltd. Wu Jun made a speech entitled “Report on the development of aggregates and ecological restoration in Yunyang District, Shiyan City, Hubei".

Fan Xiaoqiang, a senior partner of Beijing Yuren Law Firm, made a speech entitled “Paths and precautions for investing in the aggregates industry”. Fu Guohua from Fujian Quangong Co., Ltd. gave a speech entitled “Research on Production Equipment and Technology Application of Decorative Stone Imitation Products”. Mei Xiangfu, Vice President of Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd., gave a speech entitled “High-quality Development Plan for Machine-made Sand Industry in Hubei Province (2020-2025)”. Shen Yu, deputy chief engineer of the Third Engineering Co., Ltd. of the Second Public Bureau of China Communications, gave a speech entitled “Technical scheme for comprehensive utilization and ecological restoration of tailings resources”. Feng Lei of Shibang Industry & Technology Group Co. made a speech entitled “Technology and equipment upgrade under the concept of high-quality development of sand and gravel industry”. Wayne Scott, Chief Executive Officer for the Aggregates and Quarrying Association of New Zealand, made a speech entitled “Aggregates industry in New Zealand”. Ramesh Bhatawdekar, an expert in aggregates and limestone mining at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, gave a speech titled “Seek Common Development and Build the Future Together in SE Asia”. Carlos Fernando Forero Bonell, general manager of the Colombian Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (ASOGRAVAS), gave a speech entitled “Colombia, new challenges for the post Covid era”.

Conference agenda for the second day

Forum on Aggregates Technology and Equipment

Nico Pienaar, the Director of ASPASA, gave a speech entitled “South African Small Surface Mines/Quarries Issues”, sharing the scale of mines in South Africa and the introduction of small open-pit mining.

Zhao Bin, Deputy Chief Engineer of NMS, gave a speech entitled “Technological Innovation, Green & Efficient—Whole Solutions to All Fields of Aggregates and Mine”. He pointed out that under the guidance of rapid economic development, the sand and aggregates industry has been developing with high quality for many years. In recent years, with domestic large-scale aggregates and mines put into operation, the process, equipment, construction mode, product quality control and other fields of the aggregates industry have undergone qualitative changes by quantitative changes. The supply of aggregates equipment has gradually developed from single product to whole solutions; the demand for high-quality aggregates products and the construction of green and efficient intelligent mines forces traditional aggregates equipment suppliers to transform and upgrade. Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (NMS) has been deeply engaging in sand and aggregates equipment industry for 50 years and its products have helped the construction of many well-known aggregates and mine in China. In recent years, with the new topics in the new fields of chips preparation of manufactured sand, screening of sticky and wet materials, and preparation of aggregates by metal solid waste, we will combine the experience in many project applications and the development results of products in new fields to discuss the whole solutions to all fields of aggregates and mine with you.

Xu Feihua, Marketing Manager of Shanghai Landscape EnviroTech Co., Ltd., gave a speech titled “What does Lanzhi complete standardized products bring to the construction of modern aggregates production line”. He pointed out that Lanzhi’s complete set of standardized products have brought efficiency, benefit and value to the construction of modern aggregate production lines. Aggregates means a lot to concrete in economy and technology. Aggregate production is a typical system engineering, and is a series of process, technology, equipment and process control that are systematically and scientifically optimized and integrated on a production line. Lanzhi has launched three standardized products: Green Giant series, intelligent environmental protection fine aggregate standard station; Lan Wizard series, intelligent environmental protection fine sand making station; Red Ant series, intelligent and efficient loading machine.

Dong Jiwen, marketing director of Jiangsu Jiaxuan Intelligent Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., gave a speech entitled “Innovative driving mode of belt conveyor-permanent magnet direct drive drum.” He pointed out that permanent magnet direct drive drum drive system, the innovative technology cancels the reducer, hydraulic coupler and coupling. The use of permanent magnet motor technology, direct drive technology, external rotor motor technology, combined with driving drum innovative design of a new type of driving equipment, suitable for various types of belt drive. The system has high reliability, low maintenance cost, less space, less noise, more than 15% increase in driving efficiency and 30% energy saving.

The technology passed the national scientific and technological appraisal in 2018, and was selected into the National Industrial Energy Saving Technology and equipment recommendation Catalog (2019) and the National Industrial Energy Saving Technology Application Guide and case (2019) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and has won China equipment Management Association Science and Technology Innovation Award, Jiangsu Province 2019 Coal Science and Technology Progress Award, Jiangsu Province focuses on the promotion and application of new technologies and new products in 2019.

Wu Li, deputy general manager of Xi’an Chunhui Industrial Group Co., Ltd., gave a speech entitled “Mine EPCO Professional Service Project Case Sharing----Chunhui Group”. He gave a brief introduction to Xi’an Chunhui Industrial Group Co., Ltd., and shared EPCO general contractor and engineering cases.

Bai Xue, sales manager of Guangzhou LongYue Environment Protection machinery equipment Co., ltd., gave a speech entitled “Analysis of the advantages of Epc mode in the aggregates industry”. She introduced Longyue’s technical exploration and product achievements in green mines. Through years of experience in green mine wastewater treatment, Longyue has developed advanced process designs to help customers minimize operating costs. At the same time, she also introduced EPC model solutions developed by Longyue.

Chen Cheng from Anshun Chengcheng Technology Co., Ltd. gave a speech entitled “How to achieve effective control of sand and gravel dust—new water film dust removal system technology”. He introduced:
1: National Dust Control Standards and requirements for sand and gravel industry.
2: The Industry Dust Control present situation and the reason.
3: The advantage and disadvantage of current domestic existing management technology.
4: Chengcheng Technology Research and development of a new water-film dust removal system technology is how sand dust effective governance so that enterprises save money and worry.
5: How should the enterprise choose a professional dust management company?

Shi Dengfeng, deputy director and researcher of the Institute of Mining Rights Management, China Academy of Natural Resources Economics, gave a speech entitled “Mining rights management reform and suggestions on aggregates industry development”. He analyzed the situation and direction of mining rights management reform from three aspects: ecological priority, optimized services, and “net mine transfer”. Through research and analysis of the statistical information of national sand and soil mines and mining rights in the past five years, the market of the aggregates industry is analyzed. He put forward six suggestions for the development of the aggregates industry based on the research judgment.

Zhang Li, senior researcher-level engineer, director of the Eco-Permeable Pavement Technology Department of the Eco-Environmental Materials Branch of the China Building Materials Federation, gave a speech entitled “Research and Application of Ready Mix + Recycled Permeable Materials and Products”. He pointed out that to combine the recycled aggregate of building solid waste and permeable concrete is an urban ecological construction concept that integrates the construction of “sponge city” and “waste-free city”. The pre-mixing and prefabrication of permeable concrete is an advanced green construction technology that breaks through the “bottleneck problem” of the industry. He also introduced the technology of material selection, production, transportation and pouring of ready-mixed (recycled aggregate) permeable concrete, ready-mixed and pre-fabricated concrete under the conditions of large water-binder ratio and long-distance transportation through case studies. The realization of ready-mixed permeable concrete (including recycled aggregate permeable concrete) not only protects the environment, but also ensures the stability and improvement of product quality, and can also realize the rapid construction of major projects. This is an inevitable trend in the development of ecological permeable paving technology.

Cui Xijian, director of Executive Department of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection department of Wuhan Building Material Industry Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd., gave a speech entitled “Experience Sharing in Design of Fine Sand Aggregate Production Line”. He first briefly introduced the production and operation of Wuhan Building Materials Institute; then focused on the interpretation and sharing of the production process design ideas of the fine sand and gravel production line, and at the same time, the current fine aggregates production line is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and intelligent. The design plan and existing problems are analyzed; finally, some typical achievements of the fine sand and gravel production line participated in the design and construction of Wuhan Building Materials Institute are presented.

Han Yonglong, Deputy General Manager of Shandong Innovation Huayi Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. gave a speech entitled “Introduction of a new type of ultra-high dry belt filter press for sand washing sludge treatment”. He pointed out that under the premise that the government is vigorously focusing on environmental protection, the problem of sand washing sludge treatment and reuse in the machine-made sand industry has become a problem that plagues the development of the industry. However, the problems of low dryness and high operation cost of ordinary dehydration equipment in the market cannot meet the market requirements. Therefore, Mr. Han will share with us about new products and processes, ultra-dry dehydrators and operating processes for sand washing sludge in 2019.

Chen Xijian, Zhengzhou Baiwo Technology Development Co., Ltd., gave a speech entitled “Air Supported Dust-free Belt Conveyor support the green development of aggregates industry”. He introduced the features of safety, environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency of Youyun series Air-supported Dust-free Belt Conveyor, which solves the urgent demand of sand and aggregate industry for clean transportation.

Yang Yang, head of marketing and promotion department of Luoyang Longzhong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., gave a speech entitled “High quality development direction of the integration of green environmental protection and science and technology in sand washing industry.” She pointed out that In recent years, with the continuous investment in China’s industrial, construction, transportation, water conservancy and other infrastructure construction, especially after the report of 18th CPC National Congress proposed to build a well-off society in an all-round way, the process of urbanization in China has been gradually accelerated. The implementation of a number of major and mega projects such as Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, UHV, 5G base stations, highways and high-speed railways have further expanded the market demand for high-quality sand. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the healthy and orderly development of the sand industry, sand and gravel production enterprises are developing towards green environmental protection and high quality, and the influence of science and technology is increasingly evident in the field of sand and gravel production equipment.

The removal of harmful impurities such as mud in ore sand by water washing can greatly improve the quality of sand aggregate, so the scale of sand washing industry expands rapidly, and at the same time promotes the continuous transformation and upgrading of sand washing equipment manufacturing enterprises. Research and development of more advanced green environmental protection, automation, intelligent equipment. The zero discharge system of sand washing recovery is to separate sand, water and mud, fully recover resources and make use of them respectively, so as to realize the “zero” discharge of sand washing production operation. The intelligent control system is added to the equipment of sand washing recovery zero discharge system to realize remote control of field equipment, remote viewing of equipment operation data, real-time monitoring of operation and management, and the practical application of Longzhong heavy Industry's intelligent sand washing zero discharge system, leading the high-quality development direction of the integration of green environmental protection and science and technology in the sand washing industry.

Forum on Construction Solid Waste, Tailings Waste Rock and Sponge City

Rong Fuwen, Sales Director of Aggregates Sector at Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd, gave a speech entitled “Practice and application of JOINT PROCESSING PLANT for C&D Waste and Aggregates”. He introduced characteristics of JOINT PROCESSING PLANT for C&D Waste and Aggregates, process of JOINT PROCESSING PLANT for C&D Waste and Aggregates, key equipment introduction of JOINT PROCESSING PLANT for C&D Waste and Aggregates, and superior products from Dingsheng Corporation.

Sun Jicheng, director of the Concrete Technology Development Center of the Institute of Building Materials Industry Technology Information, gave a speech entitled “Policy Analysis of Free-Waste City and Comprehensive Utilization of Construction Solid Waste”. He interpreted the country’s concept of “waste-free city” and related policies and progress in the construction of “waste-free city”, including the country’s short-term goals and tasks for the construction of “waste-free city”. He also interpreted the challenges faced by construction waste treatment and analyzed applicable technologies in the field of construction waste treatment, as well as recent relevant laws, regulations and policies.

Ma Yongsheng, chief Engineer of Beijing Tongxiang Future Engineering Institute, master of Business Administration, senior engineer, gave a speech entitled “Admixtures for recycled aggregate concrete”. He pointed out that with the development of science and technology, the improvement of production level, the increasing attention to environmental protection awareness, and the guidance and support of the government, recycled aggregate concrete has bigger room for development, and the recycling and reuse of waste concrete is an important way of sustainable development. However, due to the disintegration and crushing of construction solid waste, due to the accumulation of damage, the recycled aggregate has the characteristics of more pores, large water absorption, low apparent density, and high crush value index. The mix performance, mechanical properties, and concrete durability of recycled concrete prepared from recycled aggregates are all affected to a certain extent. In order to ensure that the performance indicators of the concrete before and after hardening meet the design and construction requirements, the use of admixtures is particularly important during the production and use of recycled aggregate concrete. Measures such as synthetic modification and precise compounding are important to solve the problem of anti-adsorption, concrete workability retention and other undesirable phenomena.

Hu Yi, the general manager of Xi’an Silver Horse Industrial Development Co., LTD and the senior engineer, gave a speech entitled “Efficient use of tailings, building solid waste and integrated solution of environmental protection block/stone production line”. She pointed out that during 13th Five-Year, in sectors such as the State Department, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, and National Development and Reform Commission, followed a number of the related documents, for example, “the work plan for the waste-free City pilot project”, “leading to the action of the circular development” and “notice on promoting cluster development of comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste”, it is pointed out that, realized the zero growth of solid waste storage, vigorously implemented energy conservation, emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of solid waste, strengthen the strength of recycling policy, especially for tailings, waste rock, building solid waste, thereby promoting the development of technology and process of complete sets of equipment for recycling waste resources. This speech through the analysis of the current state of making blocks, used of the tailings, building solid waste and other waste, introduces the latest products of national patent for invention, developed by Silver Horse — a breakthrough of the technology in the industry of Silver Horse 2025 multipurpose block/stone integrated machine, how to efficiently recycle waste and the integrated solution of the automatic production line.

Hu Kui, chief engineer of Zhengzhou Ruisai Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., gave a speech entitled “Application of construction waste high-efficiency separation technology in highway engineering”.

Zeng Bo, director of the Science and Technology R&D Department of Beijing City Lvyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., gave a speech entitled “Discussion on disposal mode, key technology and resource utilization of construction solid waste”. Wang Jinfei of Guangdong Leimeng Intelligent Equipment Group Co., Ltd. gave a speech entitled “Technology empowerment to build a beautiful China”. Cai Yun, head of building materials products and solid waste utilization technology and equipment research and development of Fujian Qunfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. gave a speech entitled “High-quality and high-quantity comprehensive utilization of by-products from manufactured aggregates production lines”.

Forum on High-quality aggregate preparation and application

Xu Yiru, Deputy General Manager of Changsha Shenxiang General Machinery Co., Ltd., gave a speech entitled “Discussion and Analysis of High-Efficiency Fine Aggregate (Stone Chips) Sand Making”.

Dr. Zhang Guangtian, deputy director of the Key Laboratory of Science and Technology for the Utilization of Solid Waste and Building Materials, Hebei Academy of Building Research, gave a speech entitled “Key Technology for the Preparation and Application of Quartzite Tailings and Waste Aggregates”.

Li Jiancheng, the general manager of Weifang Tianjie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., gave a speech entitled “Research and Application of Mine Dust Control System Technology”.

He Yujun,Guangdong HPower Mining Equipment Co., LTD. gave a speech entitled “Green Development Strategy for Sand and Stone Mines, ‘High Standard Full Washing + Huabao Solution’ to help upgrade the high standard product line of aggregates enterprises"

Wei Baoquan, deputy general manager and supply chain director of Xuzhou Boyuan Technology Co., Ltd., gave a speech entitled “Comprehensive Dust Removal-A Tool for Building Green Mines”.

Forum on Intelligent Manufacturing of Manufactured Aggregates

Yang Xiaowen, sales director in aggregates industry department of Dandong Dongfang Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd., gave a speech entitled “Solutions for intelligent development of aggregates mines”.

Zhang Le, currently the deputy general manager of sales of G7 network freight business department, gave a speech entitled “Building a New Intelligent Logistics Engine and a New Business State of Intelligent Logistics”.

Han Dongyang, deputy director of the Intelligent Manufacturing Research Center of the Building Materials Industry Information Center of the China Building Materials Industry Planning and Research Institute, made a report entitled “Three-year Action Plan for Digital Transformation of Intelligent Manufacturing in the Building Materials Industry”.

Zhao Wenlong, deputy general manager of Shanghai Unitoon Information Technology Co., Ltd., gave a speech entitled “Innovation empowers the high-quality development—sharing of the construction results of Unitoon Aggregate Smart Factory”.

Forum on Green Mine Construction in Aggregates Industry

Zhang Ning, Director of Marketing Department of Henan Liming Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. gave a special report entitled "Planning and Design of Lean and Smart Green Sand and Gravel Mines".

Yang Xiaodong, deputy secretary-general of China Sand and Stone Association, made a special report entitled "Code for Construction of Green Mines in the Sand and Stone Industry".

Lin Chun, chief engineer of Zhejiang Transportation Resources Investment Co., Ltd., made a special report entitled "Building a model of green mines with five-type mines to promote high-quality development of the sand and gravel industry".

Jiang Xiancheng, deputy general manager of Wuxue Minben Mineral Resources Development Co., Ltd., made a special report entitled "Minben Mining Green Mine Construction Process Sharing".

Wang Zongguo, technical director of Zaozhuang Xinjinshan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., made a special report entitled "Short Process, Low Energy Consumption, High Quality" Machine-made Sand Preparation Technology Helps Green Mine Construction.

The Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Hongda Blasting Engineering Group Co., Ltd. gave a special report entitled "Research and Application of Frontier Technology in Sand and Stone Mining".

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