Hebei's project to process 2 million tons of construction solid waste per year has entered the installation stage
  • By:China Aggregates Association
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  • Mar 31 , 2023

According to the China Aggregates Association, recently, a comprehensive utilization project for the recycling of construction waste with an annual processing capacity of 2 million tons in Handan, Hebei province has entered the final installation stage. After-sales engineers of Zhengzhou Dingsheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. provide on-site guidance to help the project construction progress steadily.

5It is stated that the project mainly handles construction waste with an annual processing capacity of 2 million tons. Finished product specifications: 0-4.75mm; 4.75-8mm; 8-20mm; 20-31.5mm. Finished product use: to make recycled bricks and other green building materials.


The project is mainly based on the comprehensive utilization of construction waste resources. It is designed to process 2 million tons of construction waste per year. It adopts the process plan of two crushing and one screening. High-value equipment such as processors can produce higher-quality recycled products for the project.


After the project is fully put into operation, construction waste can be turned into high-quality recycled aggregates. These recycled aggregates can also be used to produce environmentally friendly building materials such as recycled bricks and roadside bricks, so as to promote the development of urban recycling industries and increase the added value of recycled products for enterprises, creating greater benefits.



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