CAA released the August national aggregate prices
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  • Sep 18 , 2023


China Aggregates Association published the national aggregate prices in August 2023. In August, most aggregates prices across the country stopped the previous continuous downward trend. Although prices still fell slightly in some areas, prices in some areas bottomed out and rebounded significantly. Among them, Gansu Tianshui manufactured sand rose by as much as 20 yuan per ton.

The prices of machine-made sand and gravel in Tianshui, Gansu Province rose significantly in August! The price of manufactured sand is 73.05 yuan/ton, an increase of 22.48 yuan/ton from the previous month; the price of gravel is 64.28 yuan/ton, an increase of 16.74 yuan/ton from the previous month.

Hubei province ended two consecutive months of decline and prices remained stable.

This month, the price of aggregates in some areas still shows a downward trend. In Shanghai, the price of manufactured sand and gravel generally dropped by about 3 yuan. In August, gravel (5-25mm) was 90 yuan/ton, and natural sand (2.3-2.8mm) was 125 yuan/ton, manufactured sand (2.8-3.3mm) was 104 yuan/ton. Among the arrival prices of aggregates at some ports on the Yangtze River, Dongting Lake sand price and Poyang Lake sand price both declined, with a decrease of 3 to 5 yuan per ton.

In August, there were heavy rainfalls and typhoons in the eastern coastal and southwestern regions, and work suspension were issued in many places, which had a great impact on the supply of aggregates, and the prices in various places fluctuated.

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