CAA release national aggregate prices of December 2023
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  • Jan 22 , 2024


In December, affected by the tail-in work of infrastructure projects, major projects were rushing to meet the deadline. The weather in East and South China was great, ushering in the "golden period" of construction, and all major projects carry forward steadily and provided certain support for the aggregates demand. At the same time, due to factors such as increased demand for shipping and some rivers entering the dry season, freight rates along some coastal areas increased, leading to an increase in the price of sand and gravel along the coast and the river. It is reported that the Xijiang Ship Lock began to limit the flow, and the number of downstream ships accepted per day is limited to no more than 130. Overall, sand and gravel prices increased to a certain extent in December.

China Aggregates Association calculated the national sand and gravel aggregate prices in December 2023 (the data are from some representative companies). Among them, prices in North China, Southwest and South China remained stable, while prices fell in some areas of Chongqing. Sand prices in Chengdu, Tianshui, Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake along the Yangtze River rose across the board, with the highest increase reaching 12 CNY/ton! Details are as follows:


Chengdu gravel is 77 CNY/ton, an increase of 2 CNY/ton, manufactured sand is 82 CNY/ton, an increase of 2 CNY/ton, and natural sand is 82 CNY/ton, an increase of 2 CNY/ton.

The price of manufactured sand in Tianshui City, Gansu Province is 72.12 CNY (tax included), an increase of 11 CNY/ton, and the price of gravel is 61.14 CNY/ton, an increase of 6 CNY/ton.

High-standard gravel in Changsha, Hunan is 92 CNY/ton, an increase of 3 CNY/ton; manufactured sand is 85 CNY/ton, an increase of 7 CNY/ton.

Manufactured sand and gravel from ports along the Yangtze River, Dongting Lake, and Poyang Lake sand all increased, with the general increase being around 2-4 CNY/ton. Nanjing Port natural sand (Dongting Lake sand 2.0-3.0) is 95-104 CNY/ton, an increase of 5-8 CNY/ton; Nantong ChangCNY (Dongting Lake sand 2.0-3.0) is 98-107 CNY/ton, an increase of 5-12 CNY/ton.


Chongqing Yudong gravel (5-10mm) is 31 CNY/ton, down 2 CNY/ton; gravel (16-25mm) is 37 CNY/ton, down 3 CNY/ton; manufactured sand is 24 CNY/ton, down 3 CNY/ton tons, high-quality manufactured sand is 33 CNY/ton, a decrease of 8 CNY/ton.

Chongqing Yubei manufactured sand is 48 CNY/ton, down 6 CNY/ton, high-quality manufactured sand is 54 CNY/ton, down 6 CNY/ton, gravel (5-10mm) is 45 CNY/ton, down 6 CNY/ton.

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